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Welcome to Dr Chuck's web site!

This web site has a link to my consulting page, links to many of my publications and lots of old photos of friends & family, and our Canada and Wine Trips.

The link to my consulting page is: Higher Education Research and Evaluation

You can also visit my blogs.  Feel free to leave comments on either blog:

The Morning Read

Personal Blog

Happy Summer 2019! We're getting some hot hot hot weather in Sacramento! The Snapdragons are gone but roses are still blossoming like crazy and give us nice colors around the yard along with the lemons, oranges, tomatoes, strawberries and peppers.

Classes at the Sacramento Renaissance Society are over for the summer. The film class Animation for Grownups was wonderful. The American Leadership class was too exhausting given the arguments about the lack of leadership and political infighting so I quit and kept mornings for myself. I am golfing occasionally still and reading a few of the new political books and some great fiction thrillers (see goodreads-chuck-wiseley to see what I'm reading). The Jane Hawk series (Dean Koontz) has me spending every spare minute reading. The Alpha Predator and Killer Collective are also recent favorites.

Anyhow, Click the menu items at the top or side to check out the site.


Thanks for your visit.

Note: Because of my close relationship with Mrs. Murphy (of Murphy's Law), Microsoft and many websites no longer support FrontPage extensions or sharepoint designer (which I used to design these pages) so I will probably have to convert to less powerful (free) software when SharePoint Designer 2007 on Win 7 is no longer supported. I currently am coding by hand so if you find a good one, please let me know.

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